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Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

Packing and Shipping

Packing: Desired assortments are provided in the parcels, they are closed and the address identification notification label is affixed on the parcel.

Shipment Control: If the quality of the goods is approved by the quality assurance technician, we open the desired box at the place where the packaged goods are located and check their quality. If unacceptable errors are encountered, the final quality control is performed again.

Preparation of the Packing List: The packing list of the goods that have been approved for shipment is prepared for export and data is entered into the b2b panel.

Shipment: The goods, which have also received the customer's approval, are shipped to the destination by the factory's own carrier vehicles or by the carrier company.

The standard we use in the packaging of your products is 60x40x30cm [Length*Width*Height] double corrugated box; It is produced from BC wave corrugated cardboard formed by combining 2 pieces of Kraft and 3 pieces of straw paper. Corrugated cardboard boxes, which are 100% recyclable in nature and protected against impacts, are environmentally friendly packaging products. An average parcel is shipped between 10-13 kg.