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Branding Label and Washing Instructions

Branding Label and Washing Instructions

Branding Label and Washing Instructions

Branding: Creating a textile brand and selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, etc. is a form of trade that many people want to do. Especially in this period when e-commerce is increasing its market share day by day, it is a business line that both new entrepreneurs and well-established companies want to operate. For those who want to make and sell textile products with their own brand, important work awaits you in the remaining parts.

Woven Label: Satin woven label, narrow woven label and jacquard narrow woven label, which brands use while promoting and marketing their own, are used by many sectors, especially the textile sector. The woven label, which is used in the clothing industry and many other textile products, keeps the product range quite wide. We know that woven labels are indispensable for any company that trusts its product in terms of quality and attaches importance to brand prestige. In addition to brand promotion, the woven label, which is seen as a complementary object of the product, can be seen as a kind of accessory. Woven labels contain washing instructions, the brand name of the label, and the product features. Woven labels reflect product quality as well as brand promotion. It is possible to understand how prestigious a company is by looking at the quality of a label. The woven label is permanent compared to other types of labels and stays on the product for a long time. Label types such as jacquard, plain, weft satin can be produced through weaving machines. In this way, the advertisement of the company is made continuously. In this article, we will talk about types of labels such as satin woven label, narrow woven label, jacquard narrow woven label.

Satin Woven Label: Satin woven label is a type of label that has a shiny and flat surface. The satin woven label, which attracts attention thanks to its softness and bright appearance, has become the choice of companies that trust their products in terms of quality. Woven labels, which are used in textile products and increase the quality of the product they are used in, are just one of the types of labels carefully prepared by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

Narrow Woven Label: The woven contents of narrow woven labels are divided into yarn and rubber. Yarns can be cotton and polyester. Polyester threads can come together on their own when left. Narrow woven label is an indispensable element of textile products. We can see it in decorative ribbons and tapes. We often come across this type of label in most furniture companies that are confident in terms of quality and make the best advertisement according to the prestige of their brand.

Jacquard Narrow Weaving: Strips are woven with jacquard machines in the jacquard narrow weaving technique. Thanks to jacquard, the ability to write on most textile products today is achieved. Weaving tapes, which are used in many areas, are used in various fields such as clothing products, furniture industry, decorations.

In order for the label production to be done in the best way, our suppliers are improving themselves every day and are imitated by many companies thanks to their innovative structure. The best companies know that every company that cares about development is imitated and these tactics make the company even stronger. For woven labels, cardboard labels, leather labels and many other label types, the suppliers we have worked with are always working with us to help you with their leading techniques. You can contact us for detailed information about Satin Woven Label and all other woven labels. You can follow the developments on our social media account.
Print Label: It is the type of labeling applied directly to the products by printing or transfer printing method. We recommend this method to most of our customers.